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KayFit Dance & Fitness

KayFit is a personal WordPress-based blog about dance and fitness with a minimalistic and clean design. It has some special features, such as pages for the video collection or a course schedule. We designed the logo and the business card and took care of setting up social media channels (Facebook, YouTube).


Personal cooperation with many ideas and keenness!

The meo.studio team, for me, has a special status in web design industry. Their work was throughout very clear, fast and creative, and they managed to lead me through all the steps of the process with full potential and energy. Due to detailed advice and frequent discussions during the process I was fully involved in the formation of my website. The business plan, implementation, time management and task distribution were discussed thoroughly and enabled a smooth development. Moreover, my personal suggestions and ideas, e.g. the logo concept and the implementation of additional features were carried out as best as possible. The result cannot be topped: the responsive design is pleasant and user-friendly, perfectly matched with the colour scheme. The features, such as video integration, classes schedule, newsletter, slider, and blog are efficiently implemented. The modern and professional design is very appealing while the way the information is displayed is easy-to-read.

My conclusion: I definitely can recommend meo.studio. The team works hard and brings in great ideas and know-how. The customer has many possibilities to introduce requests and the team offers very good guidance for the website administration. There is no place for criticism. Big Thanks to meo.studio for the great cooperation!

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