The name is believed to have Vietnamese roots. The word meo derives from the Vietnamese mèo, which means «a cat». The reason for such a name is that there’re few things that are comparable in their uniqueness to the personality of a cat.

So, how about giving your business the personality that it deserves?

The Founders


Janis Freimann

Co-Founder & Developer

Janis is a self-motivated and passionate web developer with a good analytical and problem-solving skill set. He is experienced in working in different teams and with different partners, which makes him a cooperative and resourceful team leader. Janis has the ability to be clear and concise when explaining technical issues and giving consultation. His background in oriental studies gives him a good understanding of how different cultural backgrounds shape the digital world and how to work with this. Programming used to be his hobby from somewhen around 2005 that he turned into a profession after years of self-study and hard work.

When he is not programming or helping business partners, you may find him diving into exotic cuisines, exploring nature or learning something new.

Giang Lu Kim

Co-Founder & Designer


Giang is a graphic and web designer, born and raised in Germany, having Vietnamese roots. Her first passion and also her professional focus is branding. She is a talented guide, who can lead anyone through all the hard choices and necessary steps required to create a consistent and authentic brand image. She is fast at creating both simple and complex concepts and bringing them on paper. Giang’s second passion is education. She has years of experience as a tutor and language teacher that makes her efficient when it comes to going through the brand creation process. She is also the one, who takes care of planning and organization at And it is her, who will give you Skype lessons on how to use your future website.

She is an adventurous traveler, who shares a great love for the art of photography. One will often find her crafting something beautiful or baking something tasty when taking a break from the digital world.

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