A business with a clear and powerful brand personality is impossible to forget.

Our Approach To Every Project

Personal Approach

We work one-on-one with you to make you a part of the process of creating the brand and fully unveil your vision and embody it in the product.

High Quality

We only cooperate with those whom we trust our own projects. Our practice stands on the up-to-date and secure technology, sustainable methods. We avoid short deadlines that would result in quality loss.


Our service packages are designed to give you all the details and thus start our cooperation with full transparency. Our business management software allows you to follow the progress of our work.

The Founders

Meo.studio Founders

The experience of our team in the web industry goes back up to 2005. In 2015 we first became a web agency, located in Bonn, Germany. In 2017, we took a new step to become an EU-based location-independent company (using the dedicated business program of the Estonian government, called e-residency).

Giang Lu Kim

[pron. “Zang Lu Kim”]

Graphic + Web Designer & Culinary Enthusiast

Helping others to create company identities is Giang‘s passion. She is committed to building both simple and complex concepts and bringing them on paper. Her experience as a tutor and language teacher makes her efficient, organised and patient when it comes to going through each phase of the creation process. Finally, she is the one who makes sure that our websites are functional, user-friendly and intuitive.


Janis Freimann

[pron. “Yanis Fraiman”]

Full-Stack Developer & Coffee Lover

He is a self-motivated and passionate web developer with an excellent analytical and problem-solving skill set. Janis is clear and concise when explaining technical issues and consulting our clients and partners. His background in oriental studies gives him a good understanding of how different cultural backgrounds shape the digital world and how to work with this.


We love to meet clients and partners from anywhere in the world and if you are interested to meet us for a cup of coffee, we would be delighted. In Berlin? Kein Problem! Ou peut-être à Paris? Ça marche, aussi!